The History of BlytheCon UK

BlytheCon UK is the annual UK convention for Blythe doll collectors.

The main event takes places on the first Saturday in October, and has been running since 2010.

BlytheCon UK is organised by volunteers from The Blythe Club, a UK Blythe enthusiast group.

The next BlytheCon UK will take place in Edinburgh, on October 5th 2024.

The Artwork of BlytheCon UK

Venues & Social Media Links

BlytheCon UK 2023 – York

BlytheCon UK 2023 was held at the National Centre for Early Music, a 12th century church in the historic city of York.

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BlytheCon UK 2022 – London

BlytheCon UK 2022 saw our return to the stunning Chelsea Old Town Hall in London, on October 1st 2022. We celebrated the 50th birthday of Kenner Blythe and the 21st birthday of Neo Blythe!

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BlytheCon UK 2020/2021 – Online

BlytheCon UK 2020 was supposed to be held in Sheffield, then 2020 happened!

Due to the continuing pandemic, we shifted to an online format for the day, hosting the first virtual BlytheCon UK on October 2nd 2021.

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BlytheCon UK 2019 – Bristol

BlytheCon UK 2019 was held at The Passenger Shed, Bristol, on October 5th 2019.

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BlytheCon UK 2018 – London

BlytheCon UK 2018 took place in fabulous Camden, London at Cecil Sharp House. Halloween came early with tricks and treats on October 6th 2018.

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BlytheCon UK 2017 – Liverpool

BlytheCon UK 2017 was held in Liverpool, England at the magical Constellations venue on October 7th 2017.

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BlytheCon UK 2016 – Edinburgh

BlytheCon UK 2016 was held in Edinburgh, Scotland, at the stunning Teviot Row House on October 1st 2016.

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BlytheCon UK 2015 – London

BlytheCon UK 2015 took place at the gorgeous Chelsea Old Town Hall in London, on October 3rd 2015.

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BlytheCon UK 2014 – Brighton

From one extreme to the other, BlytheCon UK 2014 took to the sunny seaside of Brighton (and the lovely Thistle Hotel) to celebrate the fifth annual Blythe collector’s convention on October 4th, 2014.

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BlytheCon UK 2013 – Glasgow

BlytheCon UK 2013 saw the convention cross the border into Scotland for the first time, and took place at The Lighthouse, Glasgow on Saturday 5th October 2013.

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BlytheCon UK 2013 - Glasgow

BlytheCon UK 2012 – Manchester

BlytheCon UK 2012 took place at the Doubletree by Hilton hotel in Manchester on Saturday 6th October 2012. The third installment of BlytheCon UK was a special day, marking the 40th birthday of Blythe dolls (1972 – 2012). Some of the organisers were even interviewed by The Guardian about Blythe and BlytheCon UK!

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BCUK 2012

BlytheCon UK 2011 – London

The second BlytheCon UK took place at Baden-Powell House in London on Saturday 1st October 2011.

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BCUK 2011

BlytheCon UK 2010 – Oxford

The very first BlytheCon UK took place at the Jam Factory in Oxford on Saturday 2nd October 2010.

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BCUK 2010